The need for protecting the human immune system has put the focus back on plant-based food items. Technically, the phrase ‘plant-based’ refers to a diet that mainly consists of plant food items. Depending on how you view it, the diet may or may not have animal derivatives. It is different from a vegan diet in that the latter does not have any animal derivative in it. But these definitions are only on paper.

This is to say, whatever we publish here under the tag of a plant-based diet applies mainly to a vegan audience. What are the perks of following this diet? How to go about switching from a non-vegetarian diet to it? What are some of the don’ts to keep in mind when going vegan? We have the answers to all of the above and more questions.

The key to making a successful transition to any diet is knowing what should be in it. This means you must also know what goes into a plant-based diet if you plan to switch to it. Hope our guides act as a good starting point for you when making the switch. Wishing that you have a happy plant-based life.