Serving Vegan Guests Of Summertime Barbecues: What To Consider

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You may find it stressful to serve your meat-eating and plant-consuming friends and family members, but it does not need to be the case. If it will be your first time serving fully plant-based food consumers and meat-eating guests, then it could take some planning for the next barbecue. Shared below is a list of tips to help keep your summertime BBQ spread tasty, easy and accessible for every guest.

Knowing Your Barbecue Guests’ Requirements

You must know the number of guests, as well as what their diet-related requirements are. If you are planning to host a small barbecue, feel free to ask each possible guest what they would like to have at it. Just because you are its host, does not mean that the onus is on you to guesstimate the requirements of each guest.

It may help to ask which forms of plant-based meat products that your vegan guests want. There are vegan versions of meaty burgers and sausages, but you must discover what your guests would like, to buy the right ones for them.

Doing Some Planning And Preparation

After understanding what your vegan loved ones require and prefer, determine what items to serve at the BBQ. We would suggest looking at retail store options to discover the products for your guests in the days leading up to the event. Why? Because affordability could occasionally be the determinant of your choices.

The market has so many options that it would be less prudent to prepare a meat substitute or two from scratch.

Prepare salads before the event, as well as dressing moments before the time to serve your guests. This way, you can lessen any stress you might have during the event day. If you should marinate patties or vegetables, note it down somewhere as a reminder.

Carry The Maximum Varieties For The Guests

Integrate the non-vegetarian and fully plant-based food options to the maximum extent. Your loved ones would like to have multiple options to pick from, instead of being pigeonholed.

Do the following to make a vegan version of non-vegetarian food.

  • Discover a substitute for dressing or a fully plant-based mayonnaise;
  • Serve salad toppings such as vegan cheeses and soy-based bacon bits on the sides;
  • Replace non-vegan ingredients with the vegan ones; and,
  • Barbecue vegan proteins.

Using Separate Equipment Or At Least Clean Your Barbecue

Besides having the right food items for all, you must separate vegan items from the non-vegetarian ones. This also means using barbecue tools specifically for each category of food or at least cleaning these before cooking. You should also remember to serve products in separate dishware.