Things Not To Do As A Vegan

Plant-Based Meat
Plant-Based Meat
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food

If you have decided to follow a vegan diet, you have taken the first step towards a healthy life. You might have several reasons to avoid animal products. However, starting a vegan diet is not just avoiding animal products. You need plenty of preparation for going into a vegan lifestyle. Also, there are many things you should not do while following a vegan lifestyle. Here are some of the important things that you should not do as a vegan.

Overdoing Processed Soy

Soy contains a lot of nutrients that are beneficial for your health, especially protein. However, you should not consume processed soy. It is mainly used to make plant-based meat and cheese. Processed soy contains isoflavones, which your body mimics as estrogen.

Forgetting About Supplements

No doubt eating plant-based food provide plenty of healthy nutrients, like fiber, magnesium, amino acids, and vitamins, etc. However, there are few nutrients that you do not get from a vegan diet. You won’t get vitamin B12 from a plant-based diet. You have to take B12 supplements to avoid deficiency. You also have to take supplements for omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D as well.

Ignoring Food Labels

Before you started following a vegan diet, you might not have paid enough attention to the food labels when you were shopping. Now you have to check the label of the food items you are buying. Look for any ingredients that come from animals. The label contains all the ingredients and the nutrients present in the product.

Lack Of Planning

Going into a vegan lifestyle without planning only makes things worse. You need to plan how you are going to approach your new vegan lifestyle. You need to stock your house with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains. You need to learn how to prepare vegan dishes.

Avoiding Going Out To Eat

Some people have the misconception that if they become vegan, they no longer can go out to eat in a restaurant. That is not true. Almost all restaurants have vegan dishes on their menu. If there are no vegan dishes on the menu, most of the chefs are happy to make a simple vegan dish for you. It is not too bad to try new recipes or experiment.

Replacing Animal Products With Junk Food

This is one of the most common mistakes that vegan beginners do. Many of them just replace animal products from their diet and replace it with junk food. This is not at all healthy.

Now that you are clear on the “Dont’s”, you are all set!