Well-Known Vegan Influencer Profiles On Instagram

Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food

Social networking websites have become a source of knowledge about vegan and fully plant-based food. Platforms such as Instagram and Tittok, especially, have been having a large number of vegan users sharing their knowledge with their followers. Several Instagram users promote veganism through various approaches, including wellness and nutrition tips, inexpensive plant-based recipes, filmmaking, and community organizing. Here is a long list of those Instagram users you would like to follow for information on all things vegan.


This is the Instagram account of Judy Brangman, who specializes in lifestyle medicine and internal medicine. Therefore, you can find tips on keeping illness and disease from occuring through diet, on her Instagram feed. Brangman debunks myths as well as gives followers resources to aid them in living in the best possible way.

Torre Washington

This public speaker and fitness coach have been a vegan for over 20 years, and he grew up with fully plant-based food. He documents his amazing fitness journey as well as vegan experiences when journeying, to disprove misconceptions regarding fitness or vegan protein and to inspire his followers.

Genesis Butler

For a 13-year-old, this vegan advocate has already found a youth movement that pays attention to how animal agriculture is damaging the planet. This is how her movement tackles climate change. She has also given Ted Talks, plus has been attending protests and advocating for animal rights enterprises. Butler is another living proof that there is no age barrier to inspiring others and contributing to changing global threats.

Berto Calkins

Fitness nutritionist and personal trainer, Berto Calkins has an accessibility-focused and holistic approach to the vegan lifestyle. He posts wellness-inspired tips on lifestyle and fitness, plus humorous vegan memes on his Instagram account. He has been following a vegan diet for six years.

Rachel Ama

This Londoner is a vegan blogger, YouTuber, and cookbook author. Her Instagram feed is full of drool-worthy plant-based recipes, as well as cruelty-free tips on skincare. She shares music recommendations, fun collaborations with other YouTubers who are vegan, and insights into her personal fitness journey, too.

Koya Webb

Are yoga, meditation, holistic health and breathwork some of your interests? If yes, you should think about following this California-based spiritual health and wellness educator and a fitness startup founder. She shares cooking and mindfulness tips, as well as reminders, to assist her followers in achieving a healthy, balanced and peaceful life.


This profile belongs to Malinda Simpson, a vegan lawyer whose Insta feed contains vegan recipes, ethical beauty recommendations, and more. Simpson has been a vegan since July 2017. Back then, she chose to follow this diet after seeing ‘What the Health’, a documentary about the negative effects of non-vegan food consumption.


This is the Insta profile of Tracye McQuirter, an award-winning nutritionist, author and vegan for over 30 years. Her Instagram account can inspire you to take your health into your own hands through a vegan diet. McQuirter’s latest mission is to launch a web-based program to aid thousands of black women in going vegan.


The profile of vegan sisters Danya, Danielle, and Danaé documents their adventures. Some of these fun things they do are gymnastics and acro-yoga. The children share fun vegan food recipes on Instagram, as well as their photographs in many different yoga poses. Seeing them do all sorts of acrobatic stuff, you may wonder how flexible veganism can make the human body.


This is the profile of Jenné Claiborne, an author, vegan chef, blogger and YouTuber. Her colorful Insta feed provides much inspiration for healthy living and meal prepping, as well as a lot of insights into becoming a new mother. Her Instagram TV videos are about affordable vegan tips. At the top of her profile, you can see the word ‘AHIMSA’, which means ‘non-violence’, perhaps an indication of her aversion to animal cruelty.

Bryant Terry

He is an author, plus a resident chef at San Francisco ‘Museum of the African Diaspora’. Terry cooks vegan food at MoAD, and he is also a food justice advocate. He specializes in Afro-Asian food recipes. You can find many of Terry’s recipes in his book entitled ‘Vegetable Kingdom’.


This is the Instagram account of Jasmine Leyva, an LA-based actor and filmmaker. Levya has directed ‘The Invisible Vegan’, which is a documentary about the intersection of plant-based food consumption with class, gender, and race. On Leyva’s Insta account, you can find several vegans known for their food justice activism, in addition to affordable recipes based on plant derivatives.


The profile of this medical student from Dallas, contains plant-based nutritional tips, useful advice about handling stress, and many vegan culinary finds. Palmer has been a vegan for quite a few years now, so her culinary insights come from a place of many experiences.