Why Should Vegans Eat Flaxseeds?

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Plant-Based Food

Seeds are an important part of vegan diets, as they can provide a large number of nutrients along with controlling the risk of many health conditions. There is a wide variety of seeds that people usually include in their diet like hemp seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc. Another seed that is well-known for its health benefits is flaxseeds. These are popular among vegans.

Flaxseeds can be beneficial for you in different ways. The following are some of the best advantages that you can derive by including this plant-based food in your vegan diet.

They Are High In Nutrients

The high amounts of nutrients present in flaxseeds make it one of the best superfoods to add to your diet. You can add flaxseeds into different plant-based recipes for acquiring the wide range of beneficial compounds present in them.

Flaxseeds can be added to bread and baked goods. Also, you can sprinkle ground flaxseeds over your cereals, ice creams, yogurts, etc.

There is an enormous number of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds present in flaxseeds like protein, fiber, sodium, thiamin, vitamin K, folate, calcium, choline, niacin, iron, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, copper, zinc, etc. and most importantly, omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition to providing the nutrients listed above, consumption of flaxseeds can help to prevent the chance of different diseases. Some of them are listed below:

Heart Diseases

Omega-3 oils present in flaxseeds help to increase the production of certain compounds in your body that can be beneficial for controlling the formation of blood clots. This aids to prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases in heart patients. Hence, eating this plant-based food regularly can protect your heart from diseases like stroke and heart attack.

High Blood Pressure

The omega-3 oils can help with maintaining healthy blood pressure. They can also be useful for patients with hypertension to control the rise of blood pressure.


The regular consumption of flaxseeds is found to improve the flexibility of your cell membranes. This can be very important, as it can help the cell membranes to effectively respond to glucose and insulin.


Research suggests that eating almost 20 grams of ground flaxseeds regularly can be as effective as statin drugs, which are usually prescribed for controlling high cholesterol levels.

Colon Cancer

This is another important benefit of omega-3 oils present in flaxseeds. They can help to protect the colon cells in your body from the damage caused by free radicals. This can aid to prevent the development of cancer cells.

All these benefits make flaxseeds one of the best additions to your vegan diets.