Would Reducing Meat And Dairy In Our Diet Help Save Earth?

Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Foods
Plant-Based Foods

Mother earth is certainly taking a beating- degradation of coral reed, climate change, increasing temperatures and instances of wildfires, depletion of the ozone layer, deforestation, and air pollution – and all of this is just the tip of the cataclysmic iceberg. Now it is true that if mankind continues down this destructive route, then we all would eventually be wiped out and mother earth would flourish in our absence.

What if you knew that your actions could create a domino effect that could substantially save the planet? All you need to do is to re-tweak your diet and eat fewer animal products. It’s just that. Switching to a plant-based diet and eating only plant-based foods can help mother earth recover…with us still on it. Finding it hard to swallow that fact? Read on…

Modern Day Farming Could Bring About Our Doomsday

Another pretty name of modern farming is factory farming. It is an archaic and destructive form of farming that needs serious reform. To boost the rate at which reforms are occurring, the end user which are the consumers like you and me can cease to support the industry. The only way to offer your support is by stopping the use of  their products.

By going plant-based, you are weakening such industries and putting them to the stands, forcing them to change their primitive ways. Why is factory farming destructive? This might be the only question that needs to be answered. It is estimated that a large piece of the pie, about 99%, of the total agricultural animals and livestock are raised on factory farms. This means that most, if not all of the meat and dairy products used in countries like France and the United States come from this system.

Intensive farming is another term that means the same, and it is a system that makes use of confinement of livestock, to lower the wastage of resources and increase the yield of product volume, at a lower cost. It was first brought to the drawing board in the 1960s when there were talks of ways to maximize the efficiency of agricultural techniques, to meet the increasing demand for meat, dairy, and eggs.

The Intensified System- Pumping Out Greenhouse Gas As You Read 

This system leads to the blatant polluting of the environment, which included the soil, the water, and the rural communities that existed long before these ‘farms’ came up. The greenhouse gas emissions from factory farming are beyond the charts – these are the gases that create an invisible blanket that traps heat in the atmosphere and slowly cooks the surface of the earth.

The rise in the temperature will cause the ice caps to melt and this causes an increase in the sea levels, which will begin to flood low lying areas. Not to mention, the increasingly intensified, longer heatwaves. Three main greenhouse gases are created from the intensified system, which are methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide.

Methane- The Major Contributor

This is released during the production and transport of oil, natural gases, and coal. Add to this list, the decay of waste in landfills – this is the result of livestock and archaic agricultural practices. It is also released when animals eat, and also when their manure decomposes. In the United States alone, is home to 25,000 factory farms and close to 1.6 billion farm animals. This means that an insane amount of methane is generated.

To help you see just how much methane, an adult pig creates around 1.5 tons of manure. Take a dozen or so more hogs, and you have manure that exceeds the weight in human sewage in a major metropolitan area. As per the Factory Farm Nation Report 2020, an estimated 885 billion pounds of manure is generated each year. What to do with all of it? It reaches the rivers and creates a toxic ecosystem.

Nitrous Oxide & Carbon Dioxide

Nitrous oxide is generated by running farm equipment and through the burning of fossil fuels. CO2 or Carbon dioxide is a highly potent greenhouse gas that is produced when certain high-energy crops are grown. These include grains and corn, both of which require large amounts of chemical fertilizers and is one of the commonly fed foodstuffs to animals that are for the sole purpose of slaughter for human consumption.

Play Your Part

All one needs to do is to stay off of animal meats, dairy, and others and you can be part of the movement that eventually will undo the harmful effects that we have been doling out on mother earth. The accessibility of plant-based foods and alternative protein sources has been abundant. It can meet all of the human dietary and nutritional requirements, needless to mention its ability to reverse inflammation and improve cardiovascular health among many others.

Take a stand to save the planet and prepare yourself to get healthier in the process!