Best Breakfast Cereals For You To Consider

Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food

There is a large number of breakfast cereals available for you in the market. However, many of them come with added sugar and artificial ingredients. Hence, all cereals are not healthy. But there are a lot of healthy cereals that can provide you a large number of health benefits. Therefore, it is important for you to choose between the best and worst cereals for maintaining healthy eating habits.

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The following are some of the best cereal options for you to consider:


It is one of the healthiest options for you. Porridge oats are whole grains and they come with high amounts of soluble fiber known as beta-glucan that can be beneficial for lowering cholesterol levels.

If you want to keep your porridge healthy, it is better to avoid adding salt or sugar. You can add slices of banana or other fruits to your porridge for adding extra sweetness.


This is another wonderful breakfast option for you to consider. Muesli includes a mixture of nuts, grains, and fruits and the combination can vary between different brands and varieties. As muesli contains fruits, it will have the sweetness you need.

However, the nuts and fruits present in certain varieties of muesli can be artificially sweetened. Hence, when you get this cereal, it is better to go for options that do not contain added sugar, salt, or other flavors.

Shredded Whole Wheat Cereal

When combined with low-fat milk, shredded whole wheat cereal creates a great breakfast option for you. It is usually free of added salt or sugar and is rich in fiber. This plant-based food can provide you a large number of other nutrients too.

But be aware of varieties that come with fruit fillings, as they can contain added sugar. Look for shredded whole wheat cereals that are free of extra ingredients. If you want to add sweetness, then include fresh fruits like berries, bananas, etc.

Bran Flakes

Whole grain products like bran flakes, wheat biscuits, malted wheat cereal, etc. will be high in fiber and various other nutrients. But they usually come with added salt or sugar. So it is better to avoid adding extra salt to them.

You can choose the cereals listed above if you are looking for healthy breakfast options. In addition to providing different health benefits, they are also an easy and convenient breakfast option for you.