Can Vegans Have Food With Lactic Acid?

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Plant-Based Food
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Plant-Based Meat

While some food items naturally contain it, producers may add lactic acid into others to make those products longer-lasting. Lactic acid emerges from the sugar fermentation process. It tends to be vegan-friendly, but not every food item with it is suitable for vegans. Here, we will discuss what it is, which lactic acid’s vegan sources are, and so forth.

An Overview Of Lactic Acid

Streptococcus and lactobacillus generate lactic acid. Plant-based food items like vegetable pickles, jams, baked products, frozen desserts, and dairy goods all have it. When included in food items, lactic acid works in the form of a preservative and pH regulator.

When Is It Non-Vegan?

The acid from meat or fermented dairy items is not suitable for vegans. That said, those products will never be part of a diet made up of plant-based meat and other vegan items.

The bulk of lactic acid additives are corn starch or beet sugar by-products. So, almost every item with lactic acid is vegan.

You should know that some forms of those additives’ source can originate from animal by-products. For instance, certain lactic acids may be from the microorganisms that feed on lactose.

Anyhow, when it is ready to be included in food, the chemical structure of lactic acid is the same irrespective of the actual carbohydrate source. It will not have any animal derivative as a remnant.

Some might want to not have lactic acid from non-vegan sources, even though this acid itself is vegan. Producers need not reveal the acid’s source for all of their items, so you may have to contact them to discover whether or not those are vegan.

Which Plant-Based Food Items Have Lactic Acid?

Several of these products available in groceries contain the substance, including kimchi, sauerkraut, sourdough bread, and pickled vegetables. It is also possible to ferment your own versions of lactic acid food items when you wish to have the acid bacteria.

How To Tell Whether The Said Source Is Vegan

As per the Vegetarian Resource Group, almost all lactic acids are obtained from plant sources. The FDA may approve its use in food items, but it does not mandate listing the acid’s source.

Consequently, some items are likely to have lactic acid originating from a non-vegan source. In those situations, contacting the producer is the lone way of discovering whether or not the source is vegan.