InterestingVegan Holiday Gift Options For Your Loved Ones

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Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Recipes
Plant-Based Recipes

The holiday season is almost here, so you might be wondering what to buy as gifts for your near and dear ones. Your confusion may be more in the event many of them are vegans. You need not worry too much as there are several plant-based food items and other vegan gift options in the market. Here are some that you may wish to give those friends and relatives as holiday presents. Before entering the list, be aware that you may give any or a combination of the following to anyone, not just vegans.

Vegan Cookbook

One of the unique options is a book containing plant-based recipes, plus other details regarding vegan food preparation. There exist so many vegan cookbooks in the market that you may find it a monetary burden to buy all of these. The trickier part than affording many of these will be to discover which cookbooks your loved ones covet the most. If it is possible to discover the books, you could surprise your family members and friends with them.

Give one of these to even your nonvegan friends or relatives as a way of telling them to become a vegan at least for some time. After all, the first month in the calendar year is the so-called ‘Veganuary’.

Fully Plant-Based Face Mask

All of us should know how important it is to cover the face partially to prevent the transmission of the novel coronavirus. One of the ways to keep it from happening is to use a face mask. There are several standard and unusual face masks on the market, but only some of these are vegan-friendly.

Your vegan relatives and friends should already possess some vegan face masks. Anyhow, it will not hurt to have a few more of these with them. In other words, it is not a bad thing to have an extra face mask or two. Why? Because according to health experts, we should clean the mask after every single use before heading outdoors.

Vegan Food Delivery Subscription

Speaking of going out, few offerings are as much a blessing as food delivery services in this coronavirus period. Nowadays, governments and health organizations worldwide tell us to keep a social distance. This makes it virtually impossible for people to eat and drink from restaurants without worrying about possible virus transmission.

Do you have relatives and/or friends who often dine out? If yes, consider giving them a subscription to their area-based food delivery service. This way, they will only have to heat the delivered food items and then consume them.

Vegan Candle

As for a candle obsessive, there is no such thing as an excessive number of candles. This is to say, no number of candles is more than required for them. The winter in the US is from December to February, so a candle is enough to make any person feel cheerful and hopeful at this time. A good thing is that there exist several vegan candle options to pick from.

Vegan Watch

There may be many wearable devices in the market, but a statement wristwatch will not become out of vogue. There are many companies that make watches with faux or imitation leather, like pineapple leather to name one. These vegan-friendly products are available for both men and women. If you do not mind shelling out a few more bucks for your loved ones, then go for a rose gold watch having a faux leather strap.

Vegan Chocolate

This will not be a wrong choice unless your gift recipient is allergic to cacao or any other vegan chocolate ingredient. In its raw form, a chocolate product is vegan-friendly as it mainly consists of cacao and sugar. It is important to confirm that the sugar and all the other vegan chocolate components are fully plant-based. For your information, there is a form of sugar filtered with an animal derivative known as bone char.

Different from almost every baked product, chocolate will last for many months. It is just that most people end up consuming chocolate in a few hours after they get it.


You may go down a different path in this regard. For one gift, you may purchase a packet of fresh coffee beans for your coffee connoisseur friend or relative. A different option is to send them a gift voucher to their preferred coffee shop. In either scenario, the main thing that you should confirm is whether the said offering is vegan-friendly.

Vegan Baked Products

Few things light up our day as a surprise package of baked goods does. When the packet happens to have many vegan sweets, it will make our day. Imagine your relative or friend’s happiness when unboxing a mix of adorable Christmas-themed doughnuts or a whole vegan cake. Now, we have given you a few plant-based food options; the rest, i.e., the purchase decision is up to you.