Vegan Sources Of Protein To Include In Your Diet

Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food

It is believed that vegans have a hard time finding food products with ample protein. This has contributed to the misconception that vegans do not have enough protein. This may be true for many vegans, but it is not the case for all. Knowing which plant-based food items to consume can help you to avoid protein deficiency.

For your information, protein deficiency is a state of not having enough of the macronutrient in the human body. To help avoid it, here is a list of vegan protein sources for you.


It is made from soybeans. Soy is thought to be a part of the list of top-notch protein sources. Have you recently become vegan? Are you missing cottage cheese or paneer? If the answers to the questions are yes, then tofu is perhaps the best option for you. Tofu is very versatile. With it, you can make numerous vegan dishes, such as soup and tikka to name two.


These nut-like seeds are protein-dense products having fiber and omega 3 oils. Do you know that there are about 9 grams of the macronutrient in 50 grams of the seeds? You may include the seeds in cereals, or add these to water for a detox drink.


Garbanzo beans, black and kidney beans are high in protein. Boil garbanzo beans to use these as an ingredient for salads or hummus. You may also use these for healthful patties or sandwich fillings.


The name ‘edamame’ refers to green soybeans in the pod. In Japan, it also alludes to the dish. To prepare it, the pod is added to boiled water containing some amount of salt. The dish is well known in Japanese cuisines and other Asian cuisines.


These are ideal for certain dishes that have an abundance of protein. The macronutrient aids in inducing fullness, which is a state of being satisfied. When feeling full, you are unlikely to consume fried food items and other products that can make you fat. Therefore, lentils-based protein can make it easy for you to reduce your body weight.

There exist several other well-known vegan protein sources, like hemp seeds, tempeh, peas, and nutritional yeast. Are you a plant-based food eater or a vegan? If yes, then note down the above-mentioned products that you may want to add to your diet.