Why Do People Choose The Vegan Lifestyle?

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Boost Collagen Production

When one chooses the vegan way of life, they would have one or many reasons for adopting the change. Veganism is no longer a new concept and almost everyone is aware of the idea. Many celebrities have gone vegan and are seen emphasizing the benefits of a vegan lifestyle when they address the public.

What Is Veganism?

The origin of veganism dates back to 1944 when a small group of vegetarians broke away from the Leicester Vegetarian Society in England and formed the Vegan Society. They coined the term “vegan” by combining the first and last letters of the word vegetarian. Veganism is a way of living, which attempts to keep away from all forms of animal exploitation from food, clothing, or other purposes.

Main Reasons For People Going Vegan

One or more of the reasons given below motivates people to adopt veganism.


Vegans believe that all creatures on earth have the right to life and freedom. They are opposed to killing a conscious being’s life for its flesh, milk, or skin. They promote the selection of alternative options rather than ruthlessly take the lives of creatures to satisfy our wants. Ethical veganism is not limited to the strong opposition against animal killing. The concept opposes the physical and psychological stress that animals have to go through in modern farming practices. Just imagine yourself being trapped inside a small cage where you can barely stand. If the mere thought of it is scary for you, just think of the hens kept in small battery cages in poultry farms. With this practice, you are torturing a creature for all of its life. Poultry farming is just one of the many examples of cruelty against animals.


Some people decide to go vegan for the health benefits it offers. Studies suggest that plant-based diets could potentially reduce the risk of type cancer, 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Some choose a vegan diet to avoid the side effects related to hormones used in modern agriculture. Many studies have found a correlation between a vegan diet and improved weight loss.


Some avoid animal products by learning the environmental impacts of animal agriculture. According to a 2010 UN report, animal products require more resources and lead to a higher percentage of greenhouse emissions when compared to plant-based alternatives. To compensate for the essential nutrients they will lack by avoiding animal products like meat, egg, dairy, and fish; vegans add nutrient-rich pulses, lentils, soy, and more to their diet.